Video Surveillance

How does a DVR system work?

A DVR is the recording device which stores all the images onto internal Hard Drives for up to 16 CCTV cameras and view all 16 on a display.
Recordings can be played back from all the cameras or one at a time. A user can go back to any time in the recording and playback a recording in a matter of

The recorded images can be stored to Hard drives or CDs and archived for as long as necessary.

The DVRs can be controlled, viewed to recording can be played back over the Internet using an Internet Browser or a Client software. This allows you to view your premises from anywhere in the world, additionally, any optional PTZ cameras can be controlled remotely, over the internet.

A stand alone DVR, like our UDC316, is a true Digital Video Recorder designed for security and is a sophisticated system composed of hardware components, software programs and sub-assemblies with built-in checks and balances. It all must work in unison to create a robust and reliable piece of equipment, designed for mission critical applications. This is not to be confused with the TiVo or other set top cable boxes that are also known as “Sky or Television DVR's.” They are not related. Creating a DVR solution requires a dedicated team of software and hardware engineers, database programmers and system designers, plus support personnel. Since we are talking about security where there is no margin for error we use only the best technology, and latest software for our DVR and our video cameras. These applications take years to develop and debug.


DVR, video surveillance, CCTV, Digital Video Recorder; it's all so confusing. Video security is a mission critical application. The surveillance equipment you buy must do what it designed to do; surveillance. The last generation of surveillance systems, were plagued by long cumbersome procedures, and ineffective results. Although digital surveillance technology has revolutionized the video security business whether it is home surveillance or commercial; caveat emptor; let the buyer beware. All Digital Video Recorders (DVR) are not alike. While the predecessor equipment was CCTV monitors plugged into Time Lapse Recorders, the latest digital video surveillance technology relies upon either stand alone units like the 24-7 UDC series or alternatively, or PC-based software which operates in conjunction with DVR cards (video cards which plug into computer terminals).

PC-based systems, while less expensive than a quality stand alone DVR, are easily compromised by hackers, are prone to viruses, and are often rendered useless after operating software upgrades.

One of the main advances in video surveillance is the ability to remotely monitor the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) over the Internet from anywhere in the world. In order to accomplish this task there are a number of not so obvious issues that many "alleged" manufacturers of Digital Video Recorders (DVR) fail to reveal. So when people ask us what is it that makes the 24-7 UDC316 the leading video surveillance solution, we tell them that at the heart of our stand alone unit there is a reliable and robust database structure.


With the ever increasing criminal activities we must strive to protect our families, staff and our property.

Our CCTV systems are designed to protect you, your staff and your premises.

Now, more than ever, the need to monitor our premises with CCTV is becoming very common and whether we love them or hate them, CCTV cameras are everywhere.
A common problem faced by most people wanting CCTV is what to choose, Prices vary so much, as do specifications.

When buying CCTV equipment remember, you get what you pay for! with our CCTV system, you get quality and clarity NOT FUZZY PICTURES!

Choosing a System that Works for You

Finance and leasing options available.

Systems as low as $159.00 per month

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